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Ceiling Fans

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A ceiling fan improves your cooling in summer and heating in winter month at your home or business.They are very effective in “cooling” the room by the wind-chill-effect which makes you feel more comfortable and cooler by accelerating the evaporation of perspiration on your skin.The more evaporation, the cooler you feel. In the cooler months you can reverse your fan to move warm air from the ceiling area down to you, which also helps to reduce energy and costs. Ceiling fans are electric efficient and come in various colours, shapes and designs to match your style in your home, office or any other place.


We install a wide range of outdoor fans in alfresco entertaining areas of outdoor areas that are used frequently in Summer. There are many options that we are happy to discuss with you if you are looking at installing an outdoor fan for increased comfort during Summer months.


Running Cost

Ceiling fans cost around 3c per hour to run, much cheaper than reverse cycle air conditioning units.


If your ceiling fan is higher than 3 metres from the ground then we recommend an extension pole. The perfect height for a ceiling fan is 2.1m from the floor. Ceiling fans should always be 30cm from the ceiling.


The number of blades makes no difference to the flow of air, it is purely for aesthetic purposes that there are fans with 3, 4 or 5 blades.The length of the blade is dependant on the size of the room - small/medium size rooms of up to 25sqM should have a blade length of 122 cm and larger rooms of 25sqM + should consider a blade length of 132 cm +.

Timber or metal?

For quiet rooms, a fan with timber blades is recommended. For noisy rooms a fans with metal blades is recommended. This is because timber fans create slightly less noise than metal fans. Metal fans however circulate slightly more air due to their shape.

Ceiling fan with light

In years gone by, ceiling fans with the light integrated were very noisy and often made a ‘ticking’ noise. Developments in technology have seen fans, with lights, become much less problematic with repetitive noises.