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Electrical Fault Diagnosis

Elec fault 1
Elec fault 2

An electrical fault is an abnormal condition of the electrical system and disturbs the normal flow of the electrical current.The causes of electrical fault vary from environmental and weather conditions, equipment failures to human errors and smoke of fires and can cause interruption to electric flows, equipment damages and even death. There are many effects caused by electrical faults such as an over current flow, danger to operating personnel, loss of equipment, electrical fires and they can disturb interconnected active circuits.


It is important to identify an electrical fault early as they can cause serious problems for one's safety. We as your qualified and licensed electrician can diagnose electrical faults in your home or business and provide solutions for repairs or replacements.

If you have an electrical fault in your home or office we can identify this for you, provide a quote to fix the fault and complete the work for you - just call us if you find yourself with an electrical fault - 1800 350 350.