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Outdoor Lighting Solutions

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We increasingly live in our outdoor areas and use them as an extension of our home, and that's why we expect our comfort level to be the same inside and outside. Lighting plays an essential role to make us feel relaxed and comfortable. Outside lighting makes it easier to cook, to entertain and move safely in the dark. Let your garden shine, as there are some good reasons for it:

  • Extend use of the garden

  • Provide task lighting

  • Create atmosphere and add magic to pools and water elements

  • Improve access and make your garden more secure


Outdoor light comes in very different forms and possibilities to beautifully illuminate and accentuate the outdoor spaces around your home or business.

The main aim for outdoor lighting solutions is to be creative and at the same time keep all aspects such as security, neighbours and costs in mind. We can offer multiple solutions and options that are beautiful/tasteful and result in a successful installation.

There are various types of outdoor lighting you can use for many purposes in your garden, or anywhere outside.


Down lights

They can be attached to walls, fences and trees to highlighting a specific area and are great for alfrescos, BBQ areas and pergolas, where lighting cannot be recessed. With an additional sensor they can be used as night time security lighting.

Spot lights

They cover a broad range of lighting solutions but are very commonly used over BBQ and Alfresco areas, pergolas or any other outdoor room due to their practicality and size. Using spot lights for generally increasing your level of light in your garden is a great solution, as well as for security.

Path lights

They let your outdoor area shine, as they are great for effect but also help to see where to walk. Usually path lights go on stakes in the ground for lighting up your walkways and paths.

Underwater lights

They create a unique ambiance and improve safety for night time swimming and backyard events. For underwater lights it's great to make use of LED lights as they last longer, are eco-friendly and save you money and you can choose from a broad range of colours to changing colour LED’s.